About Latvian Startup Awards

About Latvian Startup Awards

Each year, Latvian startups reach new heights of success and make a global impact. They inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs, leaving a lasting impression and raising the standards for those who follow.

The purpose of the Latvian Startup Awards is to honour remarkable accomplishments, breakthroughs, and triumphs of startups. It is a testament to their unwavering dedication and unwavering spirit.

Together, let’s revel in their achievements and fuel our aspirations for greatness.

The initiative is 100% owned by the non-government and non-profit Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV, which represents startup interests and ensures Latvian Startup Awards is truly independent.

Startup Day & Latvian Startup Awards 2023 is made possible with the support of the Ministry of Economics, Startup Latvia (LIAA) and Riga Investment and Tourism Agency; and financed by the Technology Transfer Programme, project of the European Regional Development Fund.


We have carefully curated a range of categories to ensure that every startup in Latvia can easily find their niche. There is also a dedicated category for the founders themselves. Take a look and discover where you belong or show your support to others!

If you can’t find one that fits, contact startupawards@startin.lv – we’re here to help!


Be it an exit, an investment, or whatever else that takes our breath away, this startup has recently experienced something truly BIG. Extraordinary even. And we want to celebrate this quantum leap with them.

Evaluation criteria:

  • major investment, exit or similar kind of magic in 2022/2023
  • magnitude of potential impact of this news on the startup further development
  • presence of this news in the local and foreign media


New ideas are born every year, quiet and out of sight at first. And then one sunny day, they appeared out of thin air, took our ecosystem by storm and left us in awe with their startup ambition, vision and early-stage traction.

Evaluation criteria:

  • registration year 2022/2023
  • early traction measured by user and or revenue growth or/and investment
  • ambition (e.g. impressive deals, unorthodox development path)


A startup with a solid product and excellent traction and growth metrics. Someone we admire for being a great team with razor-sharp focus and undeniable ability to achieve set targets. We believe in them. A true unicorn material.

Evaluation criteria:

  • revenue over 5 million eur in 2022 in Latvia
  • revenue growth % over 2020-2022
  • global markets and expansion


Whether saving humans or saving the planet (even if from humans), this startup is going big in making this world better, greener and healthier. We praise them for their purpose-driven approach and ability to make a difference.

Evaluation criteria:

  • solving one of the SDGs
  • estimated scale of potential impact
  • progress in reaching objectives in 2022


A startup whose patience and commitment to the world of tangible matter has paid off. They went through nine circles of physical prototyping and delivered a viable product which makes their clients fall head over heels.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Significant hardware component
  • Revenue growth % over 2020-2022
  • IP


A startup with an excellent digital product which is out there conquering hearts and wallets. Not only does it solve an important problem which is still poorly addressed in the market, but it also makes the competitors sweat. Think of market disruptors.

Evaluation criteria:

  • revenue growth % over 2020-2022
  • superiority versus competitors
  • originality of solution


This person rocks. Not only do they lift their own startup to great heights, but they also empower our whole startup community by being available, sharing their wisdom and experiences, and nurturing the give-back mentality. They command respect.

Evaluation criteria:

  • personal impact on the ecosystem (e.g. in terms of time, initiative, money)
  • team culture and people management in their own startup


A startup which – whatever the reason – inspires you. Perhaps, it’s their work ethics and team culture that resonates with you? Or maybe it’s the can-do mentality and bravery to go where no one else is headed to? This category is a carte blanche – so use this opportunity to voice your choice!

Latvian Startup Awards 2023 –
Dates at a Glance

01 JUL 04 AUG

The applications for Latvian Startup Awards are open.

Anyone within the startup community can apply with their startup or nominate another startup/founder in multiple categories.

04 AUG 31 AUG

We will go through the pool of applicants and nominees, and contact some of them, in case the information is lacking.

All categories, except “Community Choice”, will be assessed by the Jury, to shortlist the top finalists

31 AUG 07 SEP

The top finalists are announced in each category, except “Community Choice” category.

Public voting starts for the “Community Choice” category. Show your support for the startup that inspires you the most by casting your vote.

08 SEP

The winners are get announced at a festive ceremony during Startup Day 2023 – an annual conference that gathers the Latvian & international startup community.

Be with us to celebrate the excellence of the local startups – register for the event via this link.

Ready to be the shining star in the startup galaxy?